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Surrey Young Mayor elected

Published: 22 July 2019

Young Mayor attends Full Council

The votes have been counted and on 17 June the Surrey Youth Cabinet elected their new Surrey Young Mayor – introducing Jacob Wrenn.

The Surrey Youth Cabinet are part of the UK Youth Parliament who get to debate topics that are important priorities for young people nationally to vote on. These topics are debated at the House of Commons by young people to decide on the main campaign issue for the UK Youth Parliament 2019.

Jacob is joined by Daniel Evans who is the Deputy Young Mayor. Their positions follow the same structure as the Chairman and Vice Chairman at Surrey County Council.

Jacob was warmly welcomed by Surrey County Council councillors at their Full Council meeting in County Hall on Tuesday 9 July. This was the first council meeting he had attended and he said of the experience "As my first official event as Surrey Young Mayor the meeting gave me a fuller understanding of how the council works which will help me in my role promoting young people's involvement in democracy. I was pleased to hear all the environmental motions that were passed as I know these issues are of a particular interest to many of the youth in our community. Additionally I enjoyed meeting Chairman Tony Samuels and discussing how we can expand the role of Surrey Young Mayor".

This is the first time Surrey has elected a Young Mayor and it's hoped that this will enable a more vocal younger voice in Local Government.

Councillor Cameron McIntosh from Surrey County Council will be working closely with the Young Mayor and the Surrey Youth Cabinet to ensure that the young person's perspective is audibly heard.

We wish Jacob and the Surrey Youth Cabinet the best of luck with the coming year and look forward to seeing them take an active part in the many challenges and initiatives involving Surrey communities.

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