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New policy agreed for home to school travel assistance

Published: 17 February 2020

Downs syndrome girl on bus in pink coat

Results of consultation reviewed

At the end of last year, Surrey County Council consulted widely with parents, carers, young people and teachers about its home to school travel assistance.

Their feedback on which key features were important to them was carefully considered and actions have been agreed.

  • To ensure the council builds families' trust and confidence in the travel assistance policy
  • That experiences of home to school transport are improved
  • The application process will be clearer and more efficient
  • The process of applying for transport on an exceptional basis will be transparent and fair

Independence and positive preparation for adult life was something that young people said was important to them. The council is extending its current offer of independent travel training for young people, to help them to develop their independence confidently and safely and prepare them for adult life.

The council is committed to ensuring that the children and young people who are eligible and have significant additional needs continue to receive free travel to and from their school or college. The way that the teams delivering the transport work with the in house teams at Surrey County Council will be strengthened to ensure the service is good quality, seamless and consistent for families.

You can read the new policy, with changes to be implemented for September 2020.

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