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Release the pressure

Published: 27 October 2020

Woman putting hand on man's shoulder

The importance of talking about how you're feeling

Stuart, David and Guy share their stories with us.

Talking about how you're feeling can be daunting for some people, which is why there's a range of help available, to make sure you can get the support that's right for you.

Whether it's accepting the loss of a loved one; worrying about money, health and employment; feeling angry, lonely and insecure; or dealing with a difficult life matter, it's important to talk.

Surrey residents Stuart, David and Guy have opened up and shared their personal stories on how talking to someone has helped their wellbeing.

Stuart's story

Stuart, was grieving for the loss of his daughter who took her own life at the age of 22. Stuart wanted to take his own life but received help from a counsellor and opened up about how he was feeling.

"Men in particular don't open up, but when you sit with people and listen to other people's stories, you know you're not alone."

David's story

David, landed himself his dream job but was struggling with his confidence and self-esteem. After not passing his probation period, David opened up about his feelings and is now feeling positive about the future.

"It's tough, so being able to chat to someone who can reassure you and tell you that you are normal and that lots of people suffer from the same problem as you, really helped me".

Guy's story

Guy, found that talking about his feelings, helped him deal with the death of his mother. Talking gave him the opportunity to release the pressure and he is now able to manage his mental health better.

"Don't give up, do what you need to do to get well, use family and friends if possible to support".

You can read Stuart's, David's and Guy's full stories and find out how you can access mental health support to help release the pressure on our Healthy Surrey website.

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