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Our Voice Matters youth survey results

Published: 29 September 2020

Young people say what matters to them

Surrey's youth tell us what matters to them

Earlier this year we asked Surrey's children and young people for their opinions and views on their communities, safety, public spaces and any services they may have used.

More than 1,200 children and young people answered the survey - 458 primary school aged pupils (7-11 years old) and 749 secondary and further education aged pupils (11-25 years old).

Their survey answers told us that more than nine out of ten (94%) of children and young people in Surrey have a trusted adult in their life, and feel safe at home (92%) – with the younger respondents feeling the safest.

However, worryingly, 1 in 4 children said that they had been contacted online in a way that made them feel uncomfortable, and so as a result we will be discussing solutions to this issue with the Surrey Safeguarding Children's Partnership and other agencies.

In the survey children and young people also told us that they'd like to be more involved in shaping outside spaces, and they provided lots of examples of ideas for tackling climate change.

The Our Voice Matters survey was carried out by the council's User Voice and Participation Team, which runs various groups for young people. Referrals can be made by professionals, families or by young people themselves.

The full survey report and appendix can be found on the SEND Youth Advisors Surrey website.

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