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One couple's adoption story

Published: 11 October 2019

From nights on the town to days out at Legoland

There are many common misconceptions about who can adopt. Here are just a few: did you know there is no upper age limit? You can be single? You may already have children? Also you can be renting where you live? Check out the Surrey County Council Who Can Adopt page for more information.

We spoke to Tim and Matthew* who tell us how adopting changed their lives.

Surrey residents Tim and Matthew* enjoyed a life of socialising, weekends away and holidays. But all that changed when they swapped the restaurants and weekends away for trips to Legoland and afternoons jumping in puddles with their new family. Tim tells Surrey Matters their story.

Wanting a family

I had always thought about having children, but it wasn't until we had been together for a few years that Matthew and I started really thinking about it as a couple. We explored different options, including surrogacy, but we didn't like the idea that one of us would be the biological father and the other not. It's a personal choice, but for us adoption was the only way forward.

Adopting with Surrey

Once we'd decided on adoption we spoke to a private adoption agency in London, but chose to adopt through Surrey County Council after a really positive meeting with them.

Over the coming months we went on training and matching events. The matching events give prospective adopters the opportunity to hear about the children who are waiting. Then one evening we went to an event that would change our lives forever. One of the women from the adoption team kept looking over at Matthew and I and eventually she came over and asked us to step outside. That was when we heard about our two boys. We knew that it is more difficult to find homes for more than one child and as we'd both grown up in busy homes, we knew we were happy to adopt siblings.

Becoming a family

Fast forward two and a half years our lives have changed completely. Just leaving the house is a military operation. We've had our ups and downs, we've cried and laughed. But we wouldn't change a thing. Our two little boys are our world and we love our little family. Our nights out in restaurants and bars have been swapped for lazy nights in front of the TV and weekends away have changed to day trips to Legoland and fetes.

Interested in adopting?

If you are interested in adopting contact the adoption team on 0800 096 9626 or visit Surrey County Council's adoption page for more information.

*Names changed to protect identities

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