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Stop Smoking Day 11 March 2020

Published: 03 March 2020

Kick your smoking habit with free local support

It's National Stop Smoking Day on Wednesday 11 March which is a good time to get free local support to kick your habit for good.

In Surrey, we understand that everyone's smokefree journey is different which is why our local stop smoking service will work with you to create a tailored plan that's right for you, giving you the best possible chance to stop smoking.

To quit smoking for good, head to the Healthy Surrey website to find out about all the local support available in Surrey.

7 good reasons to quit

You may be surprised at the number of benefits there are to your health and your lifestyle from being smokefree.

  1. You will save money. On average you could save £250 a month. Use the NHS cost calculator to work out how much you could be saving.
  2. Your sense of taste will return and you will enjoy the taste of food more.
  3. Your breathing and general fitness will improve.
  4. The appearance of your skin and teeth will improve.
  5. You will improve your fertility levels, along with your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  6. You will protect the health of those around you, including children and pets by not exposing them to secondhand smoke.
  7. Even 20 minutes after your last cigarette you will notice some benefits of stopping smoking.

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