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Be protected against flu

Published: 25 September 2019

Are you eligible for a free flu vaccine?

It's that time of year when we're encouraging people who are at increased risk from the effects of flu, to get their free flu vaccination. In the video below one of our councillors Sinead Mooney finds out just how easy it is to get a flu jab at her local pharmacy.

Flu is very infectious and can spread rapidly through coughs and sneezes of people carrying the virus. It can cause severe illness and certain people are more likely to develop complications of flu such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Remember, antibiotics won't work on the flu virus, so it's important to get vaccinated if you're at risk of catching it.

Vaccine available for free

The flu vaccine is available for free to people who are most at risk from the effects of flu. This includes:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those aged 16 – 64 with long term health conditions, particularly respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD or bronchitis.
  • People aged 65 and over
  • Those in long-stay residential care homes
  • Those with lowered immunity due to disease or treatment
  • Children who are aged two or three
  • Children from reception class to year five - they will usually receive the vaccine as a nasal spray at school

Booking an appointment

If you, your children or someone you care for is entitled to a free flu vaccination, you may have already been contacted about booking an appointment. Otherwise, if you think you may be eligible, contact your GP surgery to find out when appointments are available. Eligible adults can also receive their free flu vaccine from participating community pharmacies.

Surrey Carers Flu Vaccination Voucher

If you're a carer, it's important to look after your own health and protect those you look after. Any carer can ask their GP or participating pharmacist for a free flu jab - to make this process easier, please take the Surrey Carers Flu Vaccination Voucher with you as proof of your carer status.

Vouchers are available through carer support workers, or from carers' charity Action for Carers Surrey, on 0303 040 1234.

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