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Looking after your mental health and wellbeing during Coronavirus

Published: 30 April 2020

Check the top tips and support available

We're currently living in a very difficult and uncertain time. This can add pressure to our lives and heighten stress and anxiety. We want you to know you are not alone – we're here for you.

Our Public Health team here at Surrey County Council offers some tips to help look after your mental wellbeing during the Coronavirus crisis:

  1. Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media – overloading on information can impact your mood.
  2. Make time to unwind. If you can't do the things you normally enjoy because you're staying at home, think about how you could adapt them, or try something new.
  3. Stay connected with others, call friends and family members. Our Community Helpline on 0300 200 1008 can also put you in touch with a telephone friend if you don't have anyone to talk to.
  4. Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling.
  5. Stick to the facts. Only read and share accurate information from GOV.UK, NHS and Surrey County Council to understand the actual risks to yourself and people you care about. This can make the outbreak less stressful for yourself.
  6. Help others who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing. Check the NHS One You tips on what you can do to help others.
  7. Build physical activity into your daily routine, like dancing to music you love, cleaning your home or following online exercise workouts. This can help reduce stress, anxiety and low mood. Find out more on the Healthy Surrey website

There is a range of support and advice on the Healthy Surrey website which includes self-help resources, local services (including a 24/7 confidential helpline) and information for those with or dealing with an adult in crisis

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