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Fire safety for vulnerable adults

Published: 30 January 2019

Help is at hand

Do you care for a family member who may be vulnerable in the event of a fire, for example due to a sight, hearing, mobility or mental health difficulty?

A recent fatal fires report has shown that the majority of people killed by fires in Surrey had some form of disability, mobility or mental health issue which meant that they did not realise there was a fire, or weren't able to alert the fire services or escape from the building.

If you or someone else you know cares for a relative, friend or neighbour, there are resources and services available to help keep them safe, including free smoke alarms and alarms for people with hearing difficulties. Residents can also request a free Safe and Well Visit which incorporates fire safety checks and information to help them live safer and more independent lives.

To find out more about booking a Safe and Well Visit online, or call 0800 085 076 or you can contact the safeguarding adults team via or by calling 0300 200 1005 (sms 07527 182 861).

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