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Let's talk about mental health

Published: 10 October 2019

Find support that's right for you

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives. It's something many people are aware of, but how many of us actually take actions to look after our wellbeing?

You don't need to wait until you're struggling to get help. In Surrey there's a range of support and local services to help look after your mental health. Whether you want to improve your wellbeing and reduce stress, need a little support by talking to someone or are in crisis – there's support for you.

How do I know what support is best for me?

Every Mind Matters, the new Public Health England tool can help you discover what support you might need. It provides resources to help you spot the signs of common mental health concerns, offers practical self-care tips and guidance, and explains when to seek further support. You can also build a personalised action plan to help you deal with stress and anxiety, boost your mood, improve your sleep and help you feel more in control.

In the meantime what support can I access?

  • Wheel of Well-being – is a helpful way to think about six simple things you can do to improve your mood, reduce stress and reduce the risk of depression
  • Talking Therapies – offer a range of treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy and guided self-help, for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems. These can include stress, low mood, anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Safe Havens – are friendly places to talk to someone outside normal working hours, for emotional and mental health support if you (or someone you care for) are experiencing a crisis.
  • Mental Health Crisis Helpline: 0800 915 4644 - 24 hour support for people in Surrey and North East Hampshire experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Shout UK – a 24/7 text line to support someone in crisis needing support.

For more information, visit the Healthy Surrey website - the home of local health and wellbeing information you can trust.

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