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Medium, High, Very High COVID alert levels/tiers

Published: 14 October 2020

The new local COVID alert levels: what you need to know

The UK Government have announced the new local COVID alert levels. Local areas will now be assigned a level as follows:

  • Tier 1 = Medium
  • Tier 2 = High
  • Tier 3 = Very high

The different tiers depend on the number of COVID cases in that area. Depending on what level/tier your area has been assigned will make a change to the restrictions and actions you will need to take, when in that area or travelling to another area.

What do the different levels mean and how do I know what tier my area is in?

For an explanation of what all the different levels/tiers mean, an at a glance map of Surrey and alert levels/tiers and a link to a postcode checker please visit our Coronavirus web page: Alert Levels and Local Outbreak Control Plan.

Three things to keep protecting each other from the virus

We know that we can stop the spread of the virus by doing these three things. We owe it to each other.

  • Hands - washing our hands regularly
  • Face - wearing face coverings when in enclosed spaces
  • Space - social distancing from others

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