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Train like a Jedi with Change4Life

Published: 31 July 2018

Could your kids use The Force to stay active this summer?

Change4Life is encouraging children to stay active this summer with it's new Star Wars themed campaign, Train Like A Jedi. There are a range of Jedi-inspired ten minute activities and challenges, perfect to get children doing the 60 minutes of daily activity they need to stay healthy.

A training video, starring British Taekwondo athlete and double Olympic gold medallist Jade Jones will help kids master the ways of The Force. Her series of Jedi-inspired moves will get them moving and keep them active with a different planet to explore each week.

Fun activities like these help children build their social skills, boost their self-confidence, and improve their bone and heart health. They will also help them to maintain a healthy weight.

Sixty minutes of exercise each day may sound like a lot, but by picking different activities and breaking it up into shorter bursts you can make sure they get all the exercise they need. So to Train Like A Jedi and for more free and fun ways to keep your kids active, happy and healthy this summer, visit the Change4Life webpage.

May The Force be with you and your young Padawans!

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