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Funeral guidance and bereavement support

Published: 29 April 2020


Support with bereavement

With the number of people tragically dying across the country continuing to rise there's lot of support available to those coming to terms with the death of a loved one.

Surrey County Council is working with Cruse, to offer emotional support over the phone. The service is provided by trained experienced volunteers who can offer support no matter when or how the death occurred. Their national helpline is free and confidential and can be contacted on: 0844 477 9400.

Cruse also has a number of local offices across Surrey who can also provide support, you can find contact details of your local branch.

Some people may find they are looking for support from a faith leader or are looking for religious guidance at this difficult time. During the current lockdown process you may find it difficult to get in touch with a local vicar or religious group which is why the county council has agreed a referral system to a number of local faith groups who may be able provide advice and support to the bereaved.

The council has also been working with faith groups, community leaders, funeral directors and bereavement officers to offer clear guidance and advice on how to organise a funeral at this difficult time irrespective of any specific requirements or religious beliefs.

There is more bereavement advice and a leaflet available to download on coronavirus official information and advice webpage

The following video gives Surrey's guidance for funerals and bereavement support.

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