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Is a loved one struggling to manage at home?

Published: 30 August 2018

Check online to access information and see if you could get support

Does someone you know seem to be struggling at home, are they unsteady on their feet, becoming more forgetful or need help and support to stay safe and independent? If so you can check online to see if they're eligible for help. You can also call us but please note there have been changes to the times you can call.

Check eligibility online

You can complete this online checklist on their behalf. It'll show whether they are likely to be eligible for social care support from the council as well as provide information and advice that might be helpful.

Check online if there is financial support

There is also an online financial assessment. This will show if they would need to pay for social care support. You'll need a copy their recent bank statement to hand. You'll have the option of either keeping the results to yourself – or registering fully and sharing with Surrey County Council adult social care.

Check what's available in the community

Surrey Information Point is an online directory with over 3,500 local services and a range of information pages on different health and care topics.

Get in touch by phone

If you need to contact Surrey County Council to discuss adult social care, please call 0300 200 1005 – please note that from Monday 10 June the times you can call are changing to 9am to 5pm on weekdays. Details of other ways to contact the council can be found here.

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