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Keep active, age well

Published: 27 September 2019

Keeping active in Surrey

Helping older residents to live independently

Did you know, that as you age you start to lose muscle? Nearly all of us are affected by the time we hit our 40s. That's why it's important to stay physically active, even once you've hit your 60s and may feel more like sitting back and relaxing.

Being active can help you stay healthy and independent for longer. Not only can it reduce the risk of developing conditions including diabetes, heart disease and dementia, it can help maintain strength and balance reducing the risk of falls.

Simple ways to keep active

Walking to the shops, or choosing the stairs instead of using the lift are simple ways to build activity into your day. Active Surrey have health walks and new strength and balance falls prevention classes, that can help show you that you're never too old to get a little fitter.

Here's what some Surrey residents are doing

The eighties Green Goddess and Surrey resident, Diana aged 80 has benefitted from leading an active lifestyle. She said, "Physical activity has helped me overcome osteoporosis and kept my bones strong".

Meanwhile 60-year-old Steve is a grandfather and wants to be around for his children and grandchildren, so regards carrying his granddaughter as part of his strengthening exercise each week.

Pat lives in Surrey and lost a lot of confidence after some nasty falls. She's now rebuilding her strength and confidence and is keen to stay active. She explains, "You're never too old to buy your first pair of trainers".

To find out more about getting active and what's happening in your local area, visit the Active Surrey website.

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