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Reader app available in Surrey libraries

Published: 30 August 2018

Hear books, newspapers and texts read out loud

Do you know someone with a visual impairment, or print impairment such as dyslexia? Surrey libraries now have computer tablets with the KNFB Reader app installed available to use in the library.

The KNFB Reader app instantly converts any printed text to speech by taking a photograph of the text then reading it aloud to you. It can read whatever printed text you want, such as a document, book, audio book synopsis, or newspaper.

People are very welcome to try out the KNFB Reader in the library if they are considering buying it for their own tablet or smartphone.

The KNFB Reader is available to use in the libraries below:

For more details visit one of the libraries listed, or contact the Library Information Service on 01483 543599 or

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