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October’s top 10 books and DVD

Published: 30 September 2019

Top 10 books and DVDs to read or watch this October

Great books for all ages this October

Here are October's top ten books and DVDs, available in Surrey libraries. It's the season of change where the leaves change colour, the clocks go back and the nights grow longer and darker. With All Hallows' Eve approaching here are some Halloween picks for all ages along with some seasonless picks to take you through the month.

1) Starting off with a fun Halloween themed title for children; Where's Mrs Witch by Swedish homeware designer Ingela Arrheniusis. This interactive book is filled with beautiful illustrations, felt pop ups and mirrors. A great book for young children and toddlers alike.

2) Another great title to read to or with the kids this Halloween is That's Not My Bat by author Fiona Watt who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her 'That's not my…' book series.

3) Gothic, intoxicating, feminist, and romantic - this is the breathtakingly imagined untold story of the brides of Dracula. The Deathless Girls by Kiran Hargrave is this month's Halloween pick for young adults and teenagers. On the eve of their divining, seventeen year old Lil and her twin sister Kizzy are captured and enslaved by the cruel Boyar Valcar. Lil also learns about the Dragon, a mysterious and terrifying figure of myth and legend who takes girls as gifts.

4) This historic yet mysterious tale with a hint of witchcraft is one for adults this Halloween. The Familiars by Stacey Halls tells the story of Fleetwood, who is 17 years old, married, and pregnant for the fourth time however she still has no living child and her husband is anxious for an heir. She crosses paths with Alice Gray, a young midwife who promises to help her give birth to a healthy baby. As Alice is drawn into the witchcraft accusations that are sweeping the North West, Fleetwood risks everything by trying to help her.

5) Knock Three Times by Cressida Cowell fizzes with magic, a great Halloween pick for older children. Xar and Wish are heroes with a huge task ahead. Confronting the Nuckalavee is not for the faint hearted but with Magic and Iron together, surely they will prevail.

6) This month's DVD selection is The Secret Life of Pets 2. This hilarious computer-animated children's sequel follows the adventures of a group of New York pets after their owners leave the house. Max (voice of Patton Oswalt) begins to feel anxious when he experiences new changes at home and so sets out to become a braver dog, while Snowball (Kevin Hart) harnesses his superhero abilities to help with a rescue mission.

7) Lara Prescott's The Secrets We Kept tells the story of a gripping CIA mission during the Cold War. In 1956 a celebrated Russian author is writing a book, Doctor Zhivago, which could spark dissent in the Soviet Union. The Soviets, afraid of its subversive power, ban it. The CIA plans to use the book to tip the Cold War in its favour. Their agents Sally and Irina have to smuggle Doctor Zhivago back into Russia by any means necessary. It will not be easy as agents are willing to kill for it. But they cannot fail - as this book has the power to change history.

8) One for older children, The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Andersen follows Yanka, who was abandoned in a bear cave as a baby as she tries to discover who she really is. When she has to flee her house, she goes on a journey navigating around icy rivers to smouldering mountains meeting an ever-growing bunch of extraordinary friends along the way.

9) Jessie Burton's The Confession paints a vivid picture of glamour and bright lights with darkness just quietly waiting in the background. One winter's afternoon on Hampstead Heath in 1980, Elise Morceau meets Constance (Connie) Holden and quickly falls under her spell. Elise follows Connie to LA, a city of strange dreams and swimming pools and late-night gatherings of glamorous people. When she overhears a conversation at a party that turns everything on its head, Elise makes an impulsive decision that will change her life forever.

10) Meet Me At The Museum by Anne Youngson tells the story of how an unlikely friendship can change lives in ways no one can imagine. Professor Kristian Larsen, has lost his wife, along with his hopes and dreams for the future. He does not know that a query from a Mrs Tina Hopgood about a world-famous antiquity in his museum is about to alter the course of his life. Oceans apart, they discover shared passions for history and nature; for useless objects left behind by loved ones and much more. But when Tina's letters suddenly cease, Kristian is thrown into despair.

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