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Improved access and lower waiting times for popular Library collections

Published: 24 November 2021

8 million new resources added by Surrey libraries for residents

Surrey has joined a library consortium which has meant almost 8 million new items have been added to the resources now available to Surrey residents. The consortium allows Surrey library members to enjoy the benefits of libraries in 21 other local authorities across England.

This will mean improved access and lower waiting times for popular collections such as: art; foreign language resources; cooking; history and fiction. But rest assured existing and new Surrey owned resources will always be prioritised for Surrey residents before being shared across the consortium. The sharing of resources enables a more sustainable way for Surrey libraries to improve services and reduce the waiting times for items.

There have also been important technology changes throughout the 52 libraries in Surrey, including new PCs, computer booking system and printing system. These technology changes along with joining the consortium have all been introduced to help improve the library experience for library users in Surrey.

Find out how to join your local library for free on the Surrey Libraries website.

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