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Watch your waste

Published: 22 December 2020

Image of woman putting food waste in a bin

Make your food waste matter

Too much food is still going to waste in Surrey. The latest research shows that a staggering 58% of food waste ends up in rubbish bins instead of being reduced or recycled. That's 28,000 tonnes each year - the equivalent of 2,258 double decker buses.

January is a great time to watch your waste and start reducing your environmental impact. Try our five simple tips to make a difference and protect the planet in 2021.

1. Plan your shopping and meals in advance to avoid over-buying.
2. Freeze leftovers and food that is nearing its use by date.
3. Turn your potato peelings into crisps or your dry bread into pizza.
4. Try out a new recipe to use up leftovers.
5. If you can't eat it, caddy it.

All food waste can be recycled in Surrey and by taking advantage of weekly collections you can help turn your food waste into fertiliser or electricity.

Contact your local council to get hold of your free food caddy today. And remember you can keep your caddy fresh by lining it with a plastic bag. Simply use shopping bags, pedal bin liners or even bread bags.

For leftover recipes, food waste reduction tips and more information on recycling visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

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