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Watch your waste

Published: 22 December 2020

Image of person cooking food on a barbeque

Feed your food bin

The roadmap out of lockdown means the great British barbecue season is already upon us. So, after enjoying your summer favourites, remember to watch your waste and recycle what is leftover using your weekly food waste collection.

All food waste can be recycled, so if your leftover food can't be used in another meal, then be sure to caddy it. Recycling helps to reduce your environmental impact and turns food waste into fertiliser or electricity.

Contact your local council to get hold of your free food caddy today. And remember you can keep your caddy fresh by lining it with a plastic bag. Simply use shopping bags, pedal bin liners or even bread bags.

For leftover recipes, food waste reduction tips and more information on recycling visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

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