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Recycle your winter clothes and bag a saving

Published: 27 September 2018

Help save £4 million a year in Surrey

With the leaves turning brown and the sky grey, you could help save money that could be spent on essential services by recycling your old winter clothes. Your efforts could also help you go green by supporting the environment.

Clothes and home textiles can be recycled easily everywhere in Surrey and doing so could save up to £4 million a year as it costs more to dispose of them than to recycle them. If recycled, they are either reused in the UK or abroad or turned into new products.

Mike Goodman, Surrey County Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, said: "If all clothes and home textiles in Surrey were recycled it would save up to £4 million that could be spent on vital services and would help protect the environment."

What can be recycled…

All clothes and home textiles including boots, backpacks, blankets, hats, pairs of gloves, scarves, tights and bras can be recycled.

What can't be recycled…

However, stuffed items like pillows, cushions and quilts cannot be recycled; neither can clothes and home textiles left in bin bags, untied carrier bags or recycling bins.

To recycle clothes and home textiles, make sure they're clean and dry then put them in a standard-sized tied carrier bag. Most areas in Surrey have a weekly collection service while everyone can use recycling banks at Community Recycling Centres or at locations like car parks and supermarkets. Visit the Recycle for Surrey website or download the app to find out how to do it where you live.

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