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Repair and re-wear

Published: 23 April 2018

Bring old clothes back to life

We've all got the odd item of clothing in our wardrobe or drawers that never sees the light of day. It may be because it no longer fits, it doesn't flatter or it's in need of repair. If you're not ready to recycle or donate it just yet then the best way to transform clothes is by altering them.

If you're feeling brave or the alterations you need aren't too tricky then there are plenty of tutorials and tips online to give you a helping hand, including the Love Your Clothes website.

If your clothes need a more professional eye then a Repair Cafe may be the answer. Simply take along your item of clothing that needs repairing or altering and explain what you need to a volunteer repairer and they will help you. There are currently four Repair Cafes in Surrey in Guildford, Dorking, Merstham and the other in Farnham.

It's not just clothes that can be repaired, other items such as toasters, hairdryers, lawnmowers, laptops, furniture and bikes can be restored or repaired. So if you're having a clear out in time for summer maybe there's a new lease of life for some of your old things?

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