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Why bin old favourites?

Published: 23 September 2019

Recycling lets them live on

With winter on the horizon it's a great time to clear space and make room for new clothes, shoes, or accessories that you might need.

Did you know that even worn, holey and broken items can be recycled rather than thrown in your general rubbish bin? Recycled items are either reused in the UK or abroad or turned into new products such as insulation or stuffing – living on in another form and helping to protect the environment as a result.

What items can be recycled?

All clothes and most home textiles can be recycled in Surrey. This includes boots, trainers, tights, jumpers, blankets, bags, belts, underwear, towels, and bedding such as sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Stuffed items like pillows, cushions and duvets or quilts can't be recycled; neither can clothes and home textiles left in bin bags, untied carrier bags or recycling bins.

To recycle clothes and home textiles, make sure they're clean and dry, put them in a standard-sized carrier bag and then check how they can be recycled where you live. To do that you can use the recycling search tool at the Surrey Environment Partnership website or download the Surrey Recycles app. Most areas in Surrey have a weekly collection service, while everyone can use recycling banks at Community Recycling Centres or at locations like car parks and supermarkets.

Mike Goodman, Chairman of the Surrey Environment Partnership said: "Everyone in Surrey can easily help tackle the climate change emergency. Small changes to your everyday habits can make a big difference. Why not recycle your old, worn, broken or unwanted clothes and home textiles? They will either be reused or made into new products, making this a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option you can easily adopt as part of your everyday life."

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