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More food waste in caddies

Published: 23 May 2019

June Food Waste

Residents' recycling results in stunning saving for Surrey

Surrey residents recycled even more food waste in their food caddies last year meaning that £310,000 is now being saved every year, helping to protect essential services.

Residents' efforts have made savings because it costs less to recycle food waste (turning it into electricity) than it does to dispose of it. And, even though it's only a small action, it shows that putting a bit more into your caddy can make a big difference.

Even though big savings are already being made, more food waste can go into caddies. In fact, if all food waste in Surrey went into caddies, it would save an extra £3 million a year. And remember, all food can go into your caddy so please put more in and help increase the savings being made.

Caddies can be lined with any kind of plastic bag and smelly food waste can be put in a tied carrier bag and taken straight away to outside food bins, which are collected weekly in Surrey.

Councillor Beryl Hunwicks, Surrey Environment Partnership's Chairman, said: "The savings that are being made are proof that Surrey residents are making a huge difference by recycling food waste. A big thank you to them and I'm confident that we'll save even more this year!"

For more information on how to recycle your food waste, visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

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