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Go green this festive season

Published: 28 October 2021

Image of wrapping present

Gift to the planet as well as your loved ones

If you're looking forward to the festive season, but still want to do your bit for the environment, here's 10 top tips for planet friendly festivities:

  1. Avoid wrapping paper and cards that contain glitter, are lined with foil or plastic, and include batteries – they can't be recycled in Surrey. Look out for the shops, supermarkets and charities that are offering recyclable cards and wrapping this year
  2. Homemade wrapping paper and cards are a great alternative. Watch a short YouTube video on how to create your own
  3. Create your own wreath from natural materials that can be composted afterwards
  4. Make your own crackers and decorations out of recyclable materials, there are lots of great ideas online
  5. Choose a real Christmas tree. They can be recycled in some areas or taken to your local community recycling centre
  6. Repair or re-wear festive jumpers rather than buying new
  7. Upcycle items that you might otherwise throw away and give them as gifts instead - watch this short YouTube video for some great upcycling ideas
  8. Support local businesses and the planet by buying presents and decorations from zero waste shops in Surrey
  9. Select energy-saving LED fairy lights, they use far less energy than filament light bulbs
  10. Plan your festive food shopping and research recipes to turn leftovers into tasty meals, and freeze what you might need later.

For more information and festive tips visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

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