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Surrey's Minerals and Waste Plan

Published: 24 November 2021

Share your views on the plan for the next 15 years

As the planning authority for waste management and minerals, Surrey County Council are responsible for ensuring that there are enough minerals for construction and enough facilities to manage waste here in Surrey.

Our draft Minerals and Waste Plan sets out options for how we do this and we want your views to inform how we go forward. The areas we are looking at include:

  • More waste management sites or maximising the ones we have
  • Managing waste that cannot be recycled
  • Considering sites where waste is stored temporarily before recycling, treatment or disposal
  • Whether we have enough facilities to deal with sewage
  • Increasing our recycling facilities
  • Providing adequate composting facilities
  • How best to source minerals to support industry need
  • Providing sand and gravel for our roads, schools, hospitals, and houses.
  • How we deal with food waste from homes and restaurants
  • Providing minerals including silca sand, clay, chalk and building stone
  • Making sure we are helping tackle climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Making sure we protect the countryside and public amenities.

More information is available in the video below and on the Surrey County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan .

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