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Surrey’s baaaaarmy new recruits

Published: 27 May 2021

Image of lamb

Lambing season in Surrey

Down on Old Lodge Farm near Banstead, part of Surrey County Council owned land, there've been lots of new recruits recently as the ewes delivered 77 lambs! The lambs were delivered naturally, so the ewes are left in the fields to birth rather than brought into barns, and the shepherds only intervene if there is a problem. This year, the lambing season was supported by Surrey County Council's property department, who provided cabins for the grazing team to be able to stay in the fields 24 hours a day.

The sheep kept at Old Lodge Farm are moved around Surrey to graze grasslands, especially chalk grasslands. Grazing is an important part of the council's conservation efforts as it allows different species to flourish.

The farm is also used to provide workshops and open days to allow organised groups to spend time outdoors and with nature. This can deliver important benefits for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Find out more by visiting our Improving health and wellbeing through nature Surrey Matters article.

The farm is run in conjunction with the Downlands Partnership and you can find out more in our video below or visit the Downlands Partnership web page.

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