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Help save the planet and plant a tree

Published: 29 October 2020

Trees in a forest

Why not plant a tree to mark tree planting season?

It's the start of the tree planting season in the UK, so we're releasing a series of videos to talk you through how to choose and plant a tree.

The videos are presented by John Igglesden and James Wade, two of our expert arboriculturists. They'll talk you through step-by-step on things to consider about choosing your tree, finding the right location, growing trees for food and tree maintenance.

Check out the first video of the series at the bottom of the page.

Last year, Surrey County Council launched our commitment to facilitate the planting of 1.2 million trees in Surrey by 2030, one for every resident in Surrey. Trees are brilliant for capturing and storing carbon in the atmosphere and can reduce air pollution. They also provide shade, habitats for wildlife, and can help prevent flooding.

During the last tree planting season, we planted 11,608 trees across Surrey and we're looking for more locations. We'd love to hear your suggestions on where you would like to see trees planted in your local area. To get in touch, email

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