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Supporting walking, cycling and shopping in Surrey

Published: 23 October 2020

Road Infrastructure funding for Surrey and what we've delivered

Over the summer, as part of the Government's response to COVID-19, emergency funding was provided to Surrey, along with other local councils, to make changes to road infrastructure. The changes were designed to encourage residents to walk or cycle more, as well as providing more space for social distancing to make people feel safe returning to our high streets and shops.

In the first tranche of funding, we received £848k and this is what we delivered across Surrey:

  • installed four new pedestrian crossings and made improvements to a further five
  • made improvements to 2,350m of cycle lanes
  • created an extra 800m2 of pedestrian space in high street locations to make social distancing easier and support local businesses
  • installed 142 planters to mark off areas for pedestrians
  • installed 154 additional signs
  • installed 56 bike racks creating parking for an additional 68 bicycles
  • installed 12 bollards and added 700m of double yellow lines to protect pavement.

We're currently waiting to hear the outcome of our bid for £7.8m in the second tranche of funding and you can see, and comment on, the list of proposed projects on our active travel fund web page.

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