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Find out where new trees have been planted in Surrey

Published: 27 May 2021

Image of trees and countryside

Check out our interactive online tree map

As the tree planting season draws to a close, we've launched an online interactive map to show where all the trees and hedges have been planted in Surrey since the launch of the 1.2 million trees campaign.

Since 2019, over 40,000 trees and 6,000 hedge plants have been planted in Surrey. Trees provide a fantastic range of benefits to local communities, from absorbing carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate flooding, reducing noise pollution and providing a habitat for wildlife.

The new online map shows residents where trees and hedges have been planted within the county. The map shows the location and quantity planted, along with additional information such as who planted the tree, the species of tree and the date of planting.

We are working with partners across the county to achieve the 1.2m goal. This includes working with districts and boroughs as well as nature organisations such as the Woodland Trust, and schools and businesses.

You can see the online tree map here. If you want to get involved in tree planting next season, please keep an eye on the website, which will be updated with more details on a regular basis.

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