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#BurgerOff with your BBQ!

Published: 24 August 2021

Image of wildfire

Pack a picnic if you're out and about to prevent wildfires

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service urge residents to pack a picnic if you are out and about on Surrey commons and heathland instead of taking disposable BBQ's or starting campfires.

Wildfires are sadly becoming more and more common, and cause devastating damage to our countryside, rare species in Surrey, and people's lives and livelihoods. Last year Surrey Fire and Rescue Service attended two extremely large wildfires that ended in 820 acres of damage collectively.

Please think before bringing a disposable BBQ or lighting campfires on our heaths and commons - it can take several hours for a disposable BBQ to cool down to a safe level, the risk of starting a wildfire is simply not worth it.

Some sites in Surrey have a Public Service Protection Order in place, which means if you are found using a disposable BBQ you could be served a fixed notice penalty of £100.

For more information, visit the Surrey Fire and Rescue Outdoor Safety web page.

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