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Brake before the bend not on it

Published: 14 February 2018

How to drive more safely on country roads

You might be surprised to learn that country roads have ten times more fatalities than motorways. With many country roads in Surrey you'll be aware that they can often have sharp and blind bends which hide unexpected hazards. The Department of Transport's latest THINK campaign "Brake Before The Bend - Not On It" raises awareness of how you can drive more safely on country roads.

  • Read the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards. Look out for upcoming bends, hidden dips, blind summits and concealed entrances.
  • Stay in control on sharp bends to give yourself time to react to unexpected hazards and brake before the bend, not on it.
  • Overgrown verges, bushes and trees can block your view so always drive at a speed which will allow you to slow down until you have a clear vision of the road ahead.
  • Allow more time to stop when driving on wet or slippery surfaces.
  • The speed limit is a limit not a target. The national speed limit on single carriage roads is 60mph.
  • Be patient if you get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. Dips in roads, bends and other junctions joining your road often hide oncoming vehicles, so unless it's absolutely safe, don't overtake.
  • When passing more vulnerable road users such as horse riders, cyclists and walkers, always pass wide and slow.

Remember, even if you're familiar with a road, never take it for granted as the conditions can be different every time. Here is more THINK information about country roads.

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