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The Stig says "Don't be a space invader"

Published: 28 February 2019

Highways England message about tailgating

Top Gear's ex-Stig Ben Collins has been enlisted by Highways England to warn about the risks of driving too close to the vehicle in front – known as tailgating. As The Stig, Ben has coached hundreds of celebrities such as Tom Cruise on the Top Gear track, as well as being a championship winning Le Mans racing driver. He is part of the Highways England "Don't be a space invader" campaign.

New figures show that driving too close to the vehicle in front causes more than 100 people to be killed or seriously injured each year. The message is stay safe, stay back and look ahead. Watch the Highways England Space Invaders video below which raises awareness of the dangers of tailgating using the popular space invader imagery from the eighties.

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