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Community volunteering on Surrey’s roads

Published: 30 June 2020

Looking after your local environment

Volunteering as most of us know is a great way to give back and help those in need, but it can also make a real difference to not only the lives of people but also your local environment.

Community Highways Volunteer Initiative

Surrey County Council is keen to support residents who want to take pride in their neighbourhoods and do voluntary work to keep it looking its best. The community highways volunteer initiative supports residents and community groups to work together with the local highways teams and contractors, to clean up and enhance their local areas.

Tasks can include litter picking, cutting back vegetation, and clearing pavements, footpaths and ditches. One of these groups is the Merrow Residents Association (MRA) who together with Skanska, one of Surrey's highways contractors, frequently head out to perform a number of tasks which help to ensure their local area is clean, free from pollution and rubbish, and safe enough for everyone to enjoy. Dave Smith, from the MRA said: "It's our local neighbourhood, it's on your backdoor step and it's nice to live in a tidy area."

More and more community groups around the county are taking pride in their local areas by carrying out some of the work themselves. Dave added "We're doing maybe an hour or a couple of hours per month per person which is not a lot but it makes a big difference. If everybody did it we could get the whole of Surrey looking quite smart."

Give it a go

Head to our Communities Highways volunteering webpage to get involved or for more information about the next steps or you can contact us by email

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