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Be prepared for emergencies

Published: 30 January 2019

Important contacts at your fingertips

Would you have the right information at your fingertips in the face of an emergency? Sometimes life unexpectedly throws you a curve ball. Would you know your insurance details if something happened to your home? Or have the right contact numbers to hand if your phone broke and you were running late for the school pick-up?

Fortunately, Surrey Prepared has an old school way to help keep things all in one place. The "In Case Of Emergency" leaflet has spaces to write those important numbers such as:

  • Contact numbers of the people you live with.
  • Friends and family that can be contacted should you need help from them.
  • Insurance and utility provider information should you need it.

It's worth keeping a printed version handy as you never know when you'll need it, as well as on an email or in cloud storage so you can access it through a computer.

To download the leaflet, visit the Surrey Prepared website.

Surrey Prepared is Surrey's councils, the emergency services, Environment Agency, utility companies and the voluntary sector working together to help residents and communities to plan and prepare for potential emergencies.

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