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Scare safely this Halloween

Published: 07 October 2021


Costumes undergo the ultimate fire safety screen test

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service teamed up with Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards to test the fire safety of nine Halloween costumes.

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The screen test included a variety of garments and accessories such as witch hats, capes, skeleton tights and pumpkin tops. Out of the nine items, three of the garments tested caught alight within a few seconds and will be submitted for further testing and investigation.

Some costumes undergo additional flammability test meaning that they are slightly safer than others as the fire will not spread as quickly and eventually will burn out.

What to look out for when choosing a spooktactular costume

Always look out for the label before buying your Halloween costume - it must have a UKCA mark (UK Conformity Assessment), or a CE mark this means that the manufacturer has checked that these products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements.

If you are going to create your own costume, remember to check the materials you are planning on using as some are highly flammable. The same rule applies for face paints and make-up too. Wear clothes under your costume for extra protection and always buy from reputable retailer.

Find a new way to light your pumpkins this year

Matt Harper, SFRS's Fire Investigation Station Commander said: "One of the safest things that you can do this Halloween is to swap out your tealights for torches or glow sticks! This can greatly help to reduce the risk of costumes catching fire. Halloween should be spooky, but not dangerous!"

Get in touch

You can report any consumer issues to the Citizens Advice Bureau who will then pass on the information to the right Trading Standards service who will be able to advice you on your problem. The team can be contacted on 0808 223 1133 or visit our consumer advice web page for more information.

Get involved in the Halloween magic

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween this festive season. Whether it's pumpkin picking, spooktacular trails or zip lining through scary woodlands, there is something for everyone. Head over to our Half Term what's on special to see what spooky events are lined up this October.

You can also download this free printable Halloween colour-in poster for your little one for extra added fun.

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