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Love is all around us

Published: 26 January 2021

Image of two felt hearts with face masks on

Come on and let it show

February is traditionally the month of love, with Valentines Day on the 14. But now more than ever with the latest lockdown it's little acts of love and kindness that can help us through the darkest days. Whilst you might not be sitting across a restaurant table with your nearest and dearest this Valentines Day here are ways of showing love in Surrey this February.

February is LGBT+ History Month

Love hasn't always run smoothly for LGBT+ couples, head over to our Surrey Matters article with to find out how The Surrey History Centre is celebrating this month.

Maybe they've proposed in the heat of a lockdown moment? Same sex and LGBTQ+ couples can be married and have Civil Partnerships in the same way as opposite sex couples at Surrey Registry Offices. To find out more and to pick your venue in Surrey go to our Marriage and civil partnerships web page.

Face to face weddings aren't currently being held at Surrey Registry Offices during COVID lockdown – but no reason why you can't plan ahead?!


NextDoor App have created a KINDChallenge for neighbours to get involved in. It's simple. All you have to do is post on Nextdoor that you are taking part in the challenge - using the hashtag #KINDChallenge - and share how you can help a neighbour in need or spread kindness. It can be as easy as offering to chat to a neighbour on Nextdoor, or even popping a card through a neighbours letterbox to brighten their day.

Feeling creative ? Painted Pebbles

The trend for painting pebbles and leaving them for strangers to find spreads messages of hope and kindness, originated in the US with the Kindness Rocks movement. One street left painted pebbles on neighbours doorsteps and gate posts for them to find with messages of hope – such as You Are Gold, Superstar, sure to bring a smile to people's faces, if you're feeling creative.

Love is all around

With so many of us staying home it's easy to feel disconnected from our communities, friends and families. But there are lots of ways to stay connected WhatsApp groups, Facebook Communities, the NextDoor App, the dreaded online face to face Zoom call, but its a great way to keep in touch with the family. And if you feel like you need extra help and support read our Surrey Matters article Locked down doesn't mean locked out with plenty of advice on who you can reach out to if you're struggling.

/Not Alone is organised by Pride in Surrey with an online chat service and a range of live and pre-recorded shows such as, /Not Alone talks, "Get Moving" Fitness, Cook-along-live sessions and Muse on the News.

Love yourself

Staying active during COVID-19 has been tough with lockdown restrictions. But you don't have to be training for a marathon or a triathlon to get active. Head over to the Active Surrey website where you can find lots of great tips on how to keep fit from the comfort of your own home. You can also follow Active Surrey on their social media accounts for more helpful tips.

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