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Eight ways yule find it easy to go green this Christmas

Published: 28 October 2020

Christmas wrapping paper

Gift to the planet as well as your loved ones

We might be in lockdown but it's still the time of year for Christmas shopping and planning - so why not give a gift to the planet as well as your loved ones? Here's eight easy ways to go green and Watch Your Waste this festive season:

1. avoid buying wrapping paper and cards that contain glitter, are lined with foil or plastic, or have batteries as these can't be recycled. Some supermarkets and high-street brands have dropped glitter this year and many charities sell recyclable cards online
2. try making your own wrapping paper. Watch our short Upcycling ideas: wrapping paper video.
3. make your own crackers which you can fill with non-plastic toys so they can be recycled easily. Plenty of recyclable cracker-making kits are available online
4. choose a real Christmas tree. They can be recycled in some areas or taken to your local community recycling centre. Or if you're a garden waste customer you can cut up your tree and place in your garden waste bin for collection
5. repair or re-wear festive jumpers rather than buying new. Or share with family/friends in your household or support bubble
6. upcycle items that you might otherwise throw away and give as gifts
7. buy presents and decorations from zero waste shops – there are some in Surrey and plenty online
8. select energy-saving LED fairy lights, they use far less energy than filament light bulbs.

For more information and festive tips visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

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