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COVID and Me

Published: 21 January 2021

Capture of man from a video interview about COVID

Exploring the impact of COVID on Surrey people's lives

As part of a mini-series exploring the impact of COVID on Surrey people's lives, Surrey County Council has teamed up with well-known local broadcaster Peter Gordon, to bring you real life stories from people who have experienced having COVID-19 and how it's affected them.

Rates remain high across the county and, unlike the first lockdown last year, more and more people know somebody who's had COVID. There are many different experiences, different symptoms and impacts, and through this series 'COVID and Me' we aim to share those experiences so that people can relate, understand and be more aware of the risks.

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We're all in this together, and by staying at home and remaining vigilant, we're all doing out bit to keep Surrey safe.


In this video we hear from Chris, a young man who works in Surrey who didn't think he was particularly 'at risk', but contracted COVID and was hit hard by symptoms.

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Charlotte is in her 40s and lives in Guildford. Her family all got Covid in November 2020 but she ended up being in hospital for a week and now faces some ongoing problems. She thought she may have already had it once earlier last year.

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Creon is in his 40s and is the Coach of the Surrey Scorchers Basketball Team. Creon and members of his team had Covid just before Christmas...and is still not 100% well now.

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In his 60s. Andy, from Caterham, had Covid in March 2020 but didn't feel fully better until September. He has signed up to the Ambulance service in the last few days. In the video, he talks about sorting out his personal affairs (his will etc) in case he didn't make it…

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In his 30s, Graham from North Surrey had Covid in March 2020. Although priding himself of being healthy and athletic, he was in hospital for 24 hours and passed out in the waiting room...

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A Tandridge local councillor in her 40s had COVID in March 2020 and has suffered from long COVID for many months since then...

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In his 30s and from Ash. Mark had been playing hockey just before he became ill and talks in-depth about his symptoms in the video.

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