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Community Foundation for Surrey

Published: 22 September 2021

Supporting local people through the Surrey Community Fund

The Community Foundation for Surrey (CFS) is an independent charitable foundation that brings together local donors with voluntary organisations providing vital support to local people across the county. Their Surrey Community Fund (SCF) supports current and emerging needs in communities across Surrey, and using the Foundation's local knowledge and expertise, enables them to be pro-active and responsive in addressing critical issues identified. It is currently supporting two major areas of concern within Surrey:-

1. Afghan citizens in Surrey

Local people and partners across Surrey are helping with the repatriation of Afghan migrants to the UK. It's important we work together to ensure those fleeing to the UK can be housed safely, and access the appropriate support services. While the immediate need is to find accommodation to house people once they have completed their stay through Managed Quarantine Service hotels, there are wider needs to be considered, including health, social integration and basic supplies.

Due to operational and logistical challenges, as well as COVID-19 control considerations, CFS ask that any donations into the SCF are financial ones at this time.

2. Keeping Surrey warm together

In 2020 CFS delivered the Surrey Coronavirus Response Fund, generating income to provide emergency response grants to charitable organisations in Surrey who were providing direct action to those impacted by the virus. At the time of writing, many of the inequalities that already existed in Surrey are now more prevalent, and new challenges have arisen as a direct result of the virus.

The aim now is to help local residents and communities to cope and recover from COVID-19, bringing hope to local people's lives and empowering communities to move forwards

As funding schemes are ending and costs rising the outlook for some families this winter is looking bleak. CFS are appealing for donations to keep local residents warm. And Surrey County Council will match any donations pledged to double that fund.

How can you help?

Help us to help voluntary organisations providing vital support to local people across the county. If you're looking to give a one-off contribution, or make a larger, more regular donation, you can do so here: Surrey Community Fund - Community Foundation for Surrey (

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