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Cloth face coverings

Published: 29 June 2020

Cloth face coverings

Protect our environment and keep yourself safe

Planning on using public transport to head to the shops or work? On 15 June, the Government announced that anyone using public transport must wear a face covering to keep other transport users safe.

With a short supply of PPE to the NHS and some environmental concerns on disposal face masks – face coverings made from cloth will keep you just as protected on public transport and protect our environment.

Did you know that single use masks are made from many layers of plastic? An analysis done at the University College London showed that if every person in the country used one single use masks each day for a year, that would add a whopping 66, 000 tonnes of plastic waste. That would mean extra pressure on Surrey's landfills.

Instead, you can help save the environment and use cloth coverings which are sustainable can protect you without the added waste. You can make your own masks from old T-shirts which is a great way to upcycle any un-wanted clothing. Find out how you can easily make your own on the The Guardian website.

They must be washed periodically so it will be handy for every member of the household to have a few on hand especially if you or anyone you live with rely on public transport. Guidance on how to wear face coverings can also be found in the above link.

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