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Black History Month 2021

Published: 15 September 2021

black history month

Celebrating black history

October marks Black History Month, an annual celebration of the history, achievements and contributions of black people in the UK. It's also all about sharing positive black contributions to society and most importantly about black cultural heritage.

The Surrey Heritage Centre has supported Black History Month for nearly twenty years, acknowledging the need to preserve the history of black lives in the county and raise awareness.

How is Surrey County Council celebrating?

Surrey County Council internally launched The Minority Ethnic Group and Allies (MEGA) Network to support Surrey's commitment to becoming a more inclusive organisation. It is a safe space for minority voices to be heard about how the Council can address the challenges that BAME colleagues may face.

There will also be a range of events planned this month for staff to celebrate the important role that black culture plays in modern life. All of the events tie together to show respect to our black community inside and outside of the organisation.

Surrey's Black History Month events

The Changing Face of Nursing: Black Nurses in Surrey Hospitals, A talk for Black History Month by Dr Catherine Babikian

This online talk on Friday 1 October draws on the Surrey History Centre's rich health care collections to explore the experiences of Black nurses in Surrey. Tickets cost £5. For more information and to book tickets, visit our Heritage events web page.

Black History Month podcast - Lucean Arthur Headen

A fantastic recorded Q&A session with Dr Jill D Snider about the extraordinary life of Lucean Arthur Headen, an early Black American aviator, who lived in Frimley and became a leading industrialist in 1930s Camberley. The podcast is available to listen to on YouTube. If you have any questions about what life was like in Camberley or have family member's who lived during the 1930's – 1950's in Camberley, you can contact Dr Jill Snider at

Black History Month 2021 listings

There are a range of music and theatre events going on in Surrey during Black History Month which can be found on the Black History Month website.

Discover more about Black history in Surrey

Here are some places where you can discover more about black history in Surrey:

  • From World War One to Windrush, tracing black ancestors can be challenging but more sources are now available online than ever before and there is an exciting new awareness of British black cultural history. Discover more on the Black History Month Surrey Heritage web page.
  • Visit the Exploring Surrey's Past web page to discover some of Surrey's inspirational back history stories

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