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Approved budget for 2021/22

Published: 21 January 2021

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A brighter future for Surrey

Surrey County Council has outlined plans for the coming year in its approved budget.

Council tax

Due to the council's stable financial position, and in light of the challenges many residents have faced following the impact of COVID, the council announced it would not increase Council Tax by the full amount allowed by government.

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council said: "The hard work and dedication of Surrey County Council over the last two years to get our finances in order, mean we have been able to cope with the challenges that have come this year.

"We have to make sure we're equipped going into an uncertain future and we are having to increase Council Tax by 2.49% – this is equivalent to 72p per week for Band D, and is half the amount allowed by government and proposed by many other councils.

"Over half of our day-to-day spending is spent on our most vulnerable residents, working to improve quality of life and reduce inequality. We spend over £1m every single day on looking after vulnerable adults, and over £0.5m every day on looking after our young people."

Investing in recovery

As a result of the hard work and dedication of everyone at the council over the last few years, our secure financial position will continue to help guide Surrey through the COVID-19 pandemic and allow us to invest in recovery.

Working with partners through the Local Resilience Forum, and enabled through our stable financial picture, the council has helped Surrey meet the challenge of COVID-19. Millions of pieces of PPE have been delivered to the frontline, financial support has been given to the care and voluntary sectors, our most vulnerable residents have been protected, and extra staff have been on hand to help the county through the pandemic.

A few years ago, a major unforeseen issue such as COVID may well have pushed Surrey to the brink, but thanks to the transformation undertaken in the organisation, we can continue to provide vital services and a better future for our residents.

How much will be spent on services?

Almost £1bn will be spent on 'day-to-day' services over the coming year, with the majority earmarked to support our more vulnerable residents. We spend more than £1m every single day on adult social care and more than £500,000 every day on children's services.

Other amounts include £140m on Surrey's environment, transport and infrastructure, £30m on ensuring our residents' health is protected and £37m on ensuring their safety, including through the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service.

Five-year investment plan

Next year will also see significant investment as part of the council's investment plan, something even more important in the wake of COVID-19. This plan, which will see around £2bn invested over five years, will see £286m spent on large scale infrastructure projects like Farnham town centre and the A320 scheme, £116m on measures to boost economic growth in Surrey, £253m on flood alleviation and £105m on renewable energy, active travel and other projects that will move us towards zero carbon.

To read the final budget and medium term financial strategy see the final budget papers (PDF).

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