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UK Business Safety Week 2016

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service will be participating in UK Business Week 2016 which runs from 5 to 11 September 2016.  

Coordinated by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), it aims to reduce the number of enforcement notices delivered to businesses and encourage fire safety as an everyday part of working life so employees can respond safely in the event of an incident.

Specifically we are asking businesses to:

  • Work with us to ensure their premises are safe
  • Update assessments and procedures in response to changes in the business
  • Help us reduce the number of false alarms which drain time and resources
  • Help protect themselves from arson
  • Make sure they share fire safety information with their staff. 

Businesses advise us that September is the time when they are starting to recruit temporary staff to cover the winter seasonal peak. It is important that fire safety knowledge is a key part of their initial training, so they are able keep themselves and colleagues safe. It's also a good time to remind permanent members of staff of the steps needed to protect themselves, their customers and colleagues. Similarly, the hospitality industry may be already taking bookings for Christmas parties and events.

Fire risks in business organisations may change at this time of year. With the potential for;

  • more staff
  • more stock and
  • more customers

An on-site risk assessment made at a quieter time of year may need to be reconsidered, and additional considerations factored in to account for these variations in risk.

Business Fire Safety Officers within Surrey Fire and Rescue Service will be available to provide helpful, practical advice to all businesses within Surrey - be they large multi-nationals, trade organisations, small independent businesses or entrepreneurs - to reduce their risk in case of fire, protecting their staff, buildings and resources.

For advice and any further information please contact the Business Fire Safety team on 01737 733733, or email

For more information on UK Business Safety Week 2016, see