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About Surrey Fire and Rescue

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) looks after a population of approximately 1,040,000, covering an area of 1,676 square kilometres that includes several large urban areas such as Guildford, Redhill and Woking, 64 miles of motorway, proximity to two major airports and over 200 special risks throughout the County.

As well as providing a response service to the people of Surrey, we focus our efforts on education - raising awareness amongst the most vulnerable people in order to reduce suffering caused by fires, road traffic collisions and other emergencies. We also work with partners in a number of areas.

Surrey's firefighters are trained to deal with a range of emergency situations, not just fires and road traffic collisions. These activities include working with other agencies to respond to accidents or emergencies in pipelines running through Surrey, dealing with emergencies that may involve hazardous or radioactive materials, and advising on fire safety requirements for building regulations.

Chargeable services

Details of services we charge for, such as incidents involving hazardous material, water and people locked in a property or a lift.

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Get involved with Surrey Fire and Rescue

Volunteer or sponsor Surrey Fire and Rescue and promote fire safety in your home or business.

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Vehicles and equipment

Surrey firefighters use a wide range of vehicles and equipment to deal with emergencies including fires, road traffic collisions, rescues and incidents in water.

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