Restorative schools

"Restorative Practice is not an event in our school – it's a way of life. It threads through all we do. We want our students to be able to self-regulate their behaviours when they leave us, and to have sufficient strategies to manage in a wide variety of situations." Jo Ashworth, Head Teacher

Find out more about what a restorative approach looks like in a school by watching our short videos featuring staff from North West Surrey Short Stay School:

Restorative schools in practice

"It can look like we are tolerating bad behaviour as we allow young people to make mistakes and reflect, to develop their self-control and resilience." Jo Ashworth, Head Teacher

Using creative solutions

This video features teachers Alex and Rachel describing an incident when a young person threw a drink onto Alex, and how Rachel supported her restoratively using a story board to break down the series of key moments of the event.

Repairing harm

This video features centre manager Rachel describing an incident involving the misuse of paint by young people and how the harm was repaired using a restorative approach.

Watch more film clips

North West Surrey Short Stay school is using restorative approaches to improve the lives of young people in their care. In these short film clips they share practical suggestions and useful information about their experience and say why they believe it's the best approach to take: