Case Studies

Case Study 1

Three young people who had committed vandalism and graffiti in their local areas agreed to be involved in painting out and cleaning a nearby drop in centre for young people at the request of the local shop-keepers who had been affected. Police and Surrey Youth Support Service supervised this activity to reach a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned.

Case Study 2

One looked after child (LAC) caused criminal damage in their local community but the victim had no wish to be involved. Instead the Surrey County Council LAC team who were in any event trying to reintegrate the young person back into the family home worked with us to support a suggestion from the young persons' grandfather that this young man makes amends by working at his local football club, helping to clear the grounds after matches and being a help on the day of the game. This proved to be an important development in accelerating his return to the family home, as he impressed everyone with his willingness to do something worthwhile for his local community.