How Surrey is leading the way

Restorative practice has been an ingrained part of working with young people and victims of their crime for a number of years. Surrey Youth Support Service is committed to reducing the offending of young people whilst also ensuring high levels of victim satisfaction in the process. As a result, the Youth Restorative Intervention (YRI) has been developed as a means of assisting young people to try to repair the harm caused by their actions. An external evaluation published in 2015 uncovered that the YRI had led to an 18% reduction in re-offending by young people in Surrey.

The success of the YRI, coupled with Surrey Youth Support Service's strong commitment to restorative practice has led to a desire to extend the offer of a restorative response to crime in the adult arena. Thus, the Restorative Hub has been developed as a central point for people affected by all crime in Surrey to be able to access support and information with a view to potentially engaging in a restorative process to try and repair the harm caused by the offence.