Restorative Justice in Surrey

What is restorative justice?

Restorative justice is about giving those affected by a crime - victims, offenders and the wider community - an opportunity to communicate about the harm that has been done and consider how it can be repaired.

What is Surrey's Restorative Justice Hub?

At the heart of restorative justice is acknowledging the importance of assisting victims (and others) to try and move forward in the aftermath of a crime. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. For this reason, Surrey's Police and Crime Commissioner has set up a Restorative Justice Hub. The hub provides victims with a point of contact to access support and information.

In suitable cases, and where people want to proceed with a restorative process, the hub can make sure that cases are allocated to professionally trained restorative justice facilitators.

The hub operates as a partnership between all the key criminal justice agencies including Surrey Police, victim support services, the National Probation Service, prisons, courts, KSS Community Rehabilitation Company and the Youth Offending Service.

What are the benefits of engaging in restorative justice?

Telling another person about how their actions have affected you is immensely powerful – they have nowhere to hide and very few excuses. Instead, they are held to account for what they have done and face some very difficult questions.

Importantly, when a person takes full responsibility for their crime and expresses remorse, restorative justice gives them the chance to put things right. This is a key opportunity for them to make meaningful changes to their behaviour and move towards a more positive future, free from offending.

Participating in restorative justice can therefore be an extremely beneficial and worthwhile experience for all those involved.

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