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Have your say on local democracy

Help us get local decision making right in your area

We know our residents want decisions that affect them to be made as locally as possible, and it's important people and communities get regular opportunities to raise issues directly with their local councillors. This is why local committees were created back in 2002. Since then, people who live, work or study in Surrey have come along, asked questions and presented petitions.

Local committees have also helped build relationships between the county council and Surrey's eleven borough and district councils: in some areas, they've even become joint committees where councillors from both organisations take joint decisions on some of the services they provide.

We're reviewing how these committees work and what their future role should be. What do you think? The cross-party group of county councillors carrying out the review would really welcome your input: it doesn't matter where in the county you are, or whether you've been to a meeting. Your views will shape the discussions we'll be having ahead of decisions on changes to committees being made later in the year.

Please have your say by completing the survey before 29 April.

  • Updated: 13 Apr 2018