Meet Kirsty Fox in Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Meet Kirsty – Fitness instructor and On-Call Firefighter

Photo of Kirsty Fox

Whilst working as a Fitness Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist, I was looking for a job that I do on my hours off between clients. I had previously looked into applying to be a Firefighter but didn't think I would be fit enough or right for the role, but how wrong I was! Having built up fitness through my job I was able to complete the fitness testing required and commence training as an on-call firefighter with Surrey Fire and Rescue, and I can honestly say I love every minute of my job!

I recall my first 'big' fire, a large fire at a plastic piping warehouse. I was incredibly nervous as we were called to a small fire in the open, however on our approach could see a huge black plume of smoke in the distance. As one of the first appliances there I got to do so much; setting up the hydrant, getting to use jets to put the fire out and even a BA (breathing apparatus) wear. Due to the fantastic training I had received I felt confident in what I had to do at that incident.

There is no other job where you get to undertake great training courses either - I have been lucky enough to do and see things that most people would pay good money to do!

Now, as a working Mum, I find that I can organise my hours around my daughters childcare due to the flexibility of the rota system.

I feel a great sense of pride in being able to support my local community as well!